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M2 Metal Treatment

Friction elimination is what we do.

Reducing metal to metal contact is the main goal at M2.

Utilizing nano particles that act as sponges for oil we have achieved unimaginable results. Our process adds no tolerance to the material being treated therefor the limits are nearly endless.

M2 Metal Treatment prolongs the life of materials that rely on external lubricants such as oil, grease and various dry lubricants. M2s process of treating gives new characteristics to even older parts. Our treatment eliminates friction and metal to metal contact by holding oil to the surface by advanced adhesion, making sure there is always lubrication at contact points. By eliminating friction heat is also reduced drastically. Joining all these characteristics into one allows parts to last 2/3 longer, perform better and spin freely. If you have mechanics that are problematic due to friction and lubrication issues, we can help.

When it comes to metal to metal contact and reducing friction, M2has a solution. Not only can we maximize the potential out of every part we treat, we can drastically increase the life of that part. By reducing friction, heat is also reduced. When heat is reduced, distortion and molecular changes in the part itself slows dramatically, naturally prolonging the life of the part. With that said viscosity of lubricants can be decreased resulting in more free movement and less drag. Also as heat is reduced the potential for the breakdown of oil is reduced. This lets your oil and lubricants perform the job they were designed to do. M2 also has characteristics that aid in the process of detaining oil to metal to metal contact points through a property called adhesion. M2 holds oil to the part ensuring proper lubrication. In tight tolerance applications, M2 can fill the void of lack lubrication where failure often occurs. Our treatment adds no measurable tolerance to the part once treated therefor allowing us to treat even the tightest parts like pistons, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, cams, cranks, etc. Maximize your parts and protect your investment with M2 Metal Treatment.

Sprint cars guys! Having birdcage bearing problems? M2 can solve that. Contact DMI for more help. Here at M2, we offer only the best quality bearings. That’s why we use Superior Bearing and Supply. They have taken motorsports bearings to a whole new level. Superior quality in addition to M2 treatments makes for a combination that’s hard to beat.


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Do you have a high performance racing engine? Pushing these engines to the limit often sacrifices reliability. M2 will let your oil do its job to the best of its ability. By reducing friction on the rotating assembly in your engine, reliability can be restored. Treating internal parts such as main and rod bearings, cranks, cams, pistons, rings and even cylinders will improve reliability as well as add unimaginable performance. Reducing metal to metal contact with our treatment can have great results, making your engine not only perform better but give you or your engine builder peace of mind.


M2 has a solution to extend the life of pump internals that see little to no help with lubrication. Great for fuel and oil pumps. We can double or triple the life of those gears saving you money and reliability.


Bearings are a no brainer for us at M2. Its what we do best. The most cost effective way to gain 1/10 or 2 right here. Once you run our bearings you will never want to go back to stock. M2 bearing treatment will make a low friction devices even better. Under a microscope even finished surfaces have microscopic imperfections. We take those imperfections and fill them with one of the worlds best lubricants with our new treatment process. Unlike other coatings that tend to wear off after periodic wear, our treatment will last the life of the part which willdouble the life of the bearing. Sure ceramic bearings are some of the best quality out there but we feel our bearing treatments will make them equally as good. Grease in bearings is a thick lubricant that acts like a heat sink holding the heat near the race and ball or roller itself slowing and distorting the metal. M2 treatment gives you the ability to lighten your oil and use less because of the friction fighting power. Maximize performance from your bearings and let the fast times roll.

Drive Lines

Rear end internals benefit greatly from M2. Reduction in friction equals a reduction in heat. When you reduce heat, reliability is increased.

Basically, if friction plays a role in part failure, M2 has a solution. Prolonging the parts life and improving the performance can decrease costs by 2/3 and that’s because your part will last on an average two to three times as long as before. If there are any questions regarding what can and cant be treated give us a call or contact us by email.

Some applications but not limited to..

Drive Units